ZHTM is a medium-wall, low toxicity heat-shrink tubing used where fire safety characteristics such as low smoke emission and low evolution of acid gasses are important.

ZHTM is used for insulation and protection of systems in enclosed spaces such as in marine, mass-transit and offshore installations. ZHTM is zero-halogen and exhibits good mechanical and physical properties.

Cabletec – Metal Braids and Customised Cables
Cabletec – ZHTM

Technical Characteristics
Continuous operating temperature -30°C to +105°C
Minimum full recovery temperature +121°C
Shrink ratio 2:1

Standard colours: Black (0)

Def Stan 59-97 Type 8
BS 4G-198 Part 3 Type 15
VG95343 Part 5 Type L
VDE 0341/Pt 9005

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