202D921 High Shrink Heat Shrink Boots

202D921 to 202D963 are straight, high ratio heat-shrinkable boots used with circular connectors and backshell adaptors to provide connector to cable strain relief.

They are designed for applications where there is a high ratio between the adaptor and cable diameters and are available with a pre-coated adhesive to provide an effective environmental seal between the connector adaptor and the cable.

Cabletec – Metal Braids and Customised Cables
Cabletec – 202D921 High Ratio Heat Shrink Boots

Materials available
3 Semi-rigid modified polyolefin
4 Flexible modified polyolefin
12 Modified fluoro-elastomer (Viton)
25 Fluid resistant modified elastomer
100 Low fire-hazard, zero-halogen polyolefin

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