Connector Adaptors

Designed for use with heat-shrinkable moulded shapes to provide high performance sealing, strain relief and EMC screening.

A wide range of adaptor types are available to fit most designs of circular military connectors and are manufactured in a variety of materials and platings for optimum connector compatibility. They are particularly suitable for military, aerospace, marine and mass transit applications.

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Cabletec – Connector Adaptors

Solid Adaptors (fixed)
Solid adaptors are designed for use where no access is required; for example, when potting is necessary or a lower space profile is needed.
These adaptors have a boot groove to accommodate a lipped heat-shrinkable boot. Repair cannot be made without removing the boot.

Spin-coupling Adaptors
Spin-coupling adaptors are two-part components that have a rotatable coupling nut and a grooved body designed to accommodate lipped-type heat-shrinkable boots.
Spin-couplings with an appropriate moulded part are used for environmental protection and strain relief of unscreened cable terminations. Cable repairs can be made without damaging the boot.

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