Roundit 2000FR

Roundit 2000 FR is a wrap-around braided sleeving manufactured from flame-retarded polyester monofilaments and texturised flame retarded polyester multifilaments.The self-wrapping feature of Roundit 2000 FR allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance.

Roundit 2000 FR is zero-halogen and provides excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance. Roundit FR is particularly suitable for mass-transit, marine and off-shore applications.

Cabletec – Metal Braids and Customised Cables
Cabletec – Roundit 2000FR

Technical Characteristics
Continuous operating temperature -50°C to +125°C
Expansion ratio Wrap-around

Standard colours: Black with a white tracer (0/9)

NF16101 - 16102 : 13F2
DIN 5510/54837: S4, SR2, ST2
A professional assembly “Roundit-Tool” is available on request for sizes 5, 8 and 13mm

Note: *Nominal size is determined by wrapping the product around a mandrel of a given size to obtain 90 degrees of overlap (average value).
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