Standard PTFE Conduit

CG003 standard conduit is designed to protect wire and cable in the most hazardous and demanding applications.

It is tough, chemically inert, has a very wide operating temperature range and yet is light in weight compared to metallic conduit systems. CG003 conduit is Panavia approved and is NATO codified.

Cabletec – Metal Braids and Customised Cables
Cabletec – Standard PTFE Conduit

Technical Characteristics
Continuous operating temperature -70°C to +260°C
Maximum service temperature -200°C to +260°C
Melt point +327°C
Flammability Non flammable

Standard colours: Black (0) and Red (2)

PAN 75.6627
NATO Codified

Note: Metal transitions and terminations to fit circular and rectangular connectors are available on request.Also available with metal over-braiding for mechanical and electromagnetic shielding.
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