SPEC 44 Wire

SPEC 44 wire has a dual-wall construction that combines the outstanding physical and electrical characteristics of radiation crosslinked polyalkene with the excellent mechanical and chemical resistance of radiation cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride. SPEC 44 wire’s lightweight and small size finds wide use throughout industry, in commercial and military electronics, in avionics and on satellites, aircraft, helicopters, ships, trains and offshore platforms.

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Cabletec – SPEC 44 Wire

Technical Characteristics
-65°C to +150°C
Voltage rating 600V, 1000V and 2500V
Insulation resistance (20°C) 1500 Mohms/km
Voltage withstand (thin wall 600V) 2500V

MIL-W-81044, NEMA-WC-27500 (cables)
Def Stan 61-12 Part 18 Issue 4 Type 1 pliable (maintenance range)
Def Stan 61-12 Part 26
VG 95218 Parts 20, 21, 22, 23 and 1000
CAA accessory approval E11623
NATO Codified
Lloyds Register of Shipping
NASA Preferred Product List

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