PTFE Equipment Wire

PTFE equipment wire and cable exhibits superior high temperature performance and excellent resistance to organic fluids, acids and chemicals. Its thin-wall construction is the result of the exceptional properties of PTFE and as such offers space and weight savings in high-density wiring and circuitry.

Cabletec’s PTFE wire is available as a custom specified multicore cable and is available pre-etched to aid encapsulation. PTFE wire and cable is widely used in industrial, aerospace, military and commercial electronics.

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Cabletec – PTFE Equipment Wire

Technical Characteristics
Silver-plated copper -75°C to +200°C
Nickel-plated copper -75°C to +260°C
Voltage rating 300V, 600V and 1000 V

BS 3G210
Def Stan 61-12 Pt8
MIL-W-22759 - Special order
UL and CSA - Special order

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