HX Markers

HX-SCE heat-shrink marker sleeves benefit from low smoke emission, low toxicity and low flammability, making them ideal for use in enclosed spaces, for example in Rail, Mass Transit, Marine, Construction and Industrial applications.

The sleeves are made of existing and proven HX tubing, which is assembled in the convenient TMS System 6 format. The ultra high-performance 1966 thermal transfer ribbon gives outstanding print performance when used with HX-SCE markers.

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Cabletec – HX Markers

Technical Characteristics
Continuous operating temperature -30’C to +105’C
Shrink ratio 2:1
Printing options Thermal transfer
Printing options Dot matrix & thermal transfer

Standard colours: Yellow (4) and White (9)
Non standard colours: Red (2), Orange (3), Green (5), Blue (6)
Pack sizes: 250, 1000 (1K) for all sizes
2500 (2.5K) for 4.8 and 6.4 sizes
5000 (5K) for 2.4 and 3.2 sizes

BS 6853 1999 (Interior minor use materials of mass 100g to 500g. Vehicle category 1a)
LUL 2-01001-002 (Limited, dispersed usage (abbreviation RS/EQ/1))
DIN 5510-2
NF F 16-101
CEI 20-37-7 09-1997

Note: For marked product add (M) to part number e.g HX-SCE-1K-2.4-50-4(M). For pre-scored product add S1, S2 or S3 to part number e.g HX-SCE-1K-2.4-50-S1-4 for 1 score.
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